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I am from Chicago one of the most overlooked cities when it comes to graffiti or anything else.I started taking pictures of graffiti in the fall of 05' and instantly got hooked. My goal is to put Chicago on the map to show that not only L.A. and New York have a thriving graffiti scene. One day i plan to turn this hobby into a 9 to 5. I want to show people the many wonders this world has to offer through my photography. I want to expose them to the things they turn a blind eye to on a daily basis to make them realize that there is more to the world then the cubicle that surrounds them.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Feds Keeping an Eye on Social Networking Sites

alright this is nothing that should surprise anyone. What i want to know is where we draw the line? There are people that are being punished for what they post on their social networking page. Well anyway the Feds are making up bogus profiles to gather information on people who have or will commit crimes.

Here are some tips for you guys.

1.)Be careful what information you post on social networking Sites once its out in the open its fair game for anyone.

2.) There are many of you kids out there that like to tell your friends what you do, when you do it and where you do it. Remember that once that information is out it most likely it did not just stick with the one buddy you told. Just Sayin.

3.)Try using common sense on what information you want people to see.

Read this article on Yahoo abou Fed's on social networking sights.
(Click the link below)
Fed's On Social Networking sites

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