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I am from Chicago one of the most overlooked cities when it comes to graffiti or anything else.I started taking pictures of graffiti in the fall of 05' and instantly got hooked. My goal is to put Chicago on the map to show that not only L.A. and New York have a thriving graffiti scene. One day i plan to turn this hobby into a 9 to 5. I want to show people the many wonders this world has to offer through my photography. I want to expose them to the things they turn a blind eye to on a daily basis to make them realize that there is more to the world then the cubicle that surrounds them.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fue En La Estación De La Linea Roja

what up fuckos yea, yea, yea, late as usual! i  been busy still catching flicks though caught a few dope ones that i know you guys will enjoy. got a hot tip went to check it out and shit was there great fuckin line up and it was fuckin huge. caught a bunch of tags and a couple flicks from the southside not too many though so enjoy the post




Amuse126 Mole Dabs

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  1. You get around! I like all the patterns and lines in the 2nd picture. And the juxtoposition between the graff pieces, the trucks, and the field in the foreground of the 3rd picture is great too. And then you've got that statue popping up presiding over it all!